Interview Coaching

At the Reference Specialists we can help you get as ready for the job market as possible. It is inevitable that the position you seek will be applied for by many people who possess the necessary skills to be effective in the role. So how do hiring managers determine who is the right person for the job? It is necessary to stand out from the crowd in as positive a light as possible.

Job Interview Coaching

The Reference Specialists offer many different forms of coaching for every step of the recruitment process. These include resume preparation and editing, phone screen training and interview coaching. Whether you are struggling to get interviews or finding it difficult to perform once you find yourself face to face with what can be quite an intimidating environment, The Reference Specialists can help.

To help get your foot in the door, resume preparation and editing is a vital tool we can assist with. Your resume is your first point of contact with the job market and the way you as an individual make a good first impression. It needs to present all the necessary information in a way that garners your potential employers attention. Filtering out unnecessary information, making sure your skills and experience are well documented and ensuring your achievements are prominently displayed are all very important. Furthermore the importance of the overall style and look of your resume cannot be ignored.

Coaching sessions can take a number of different forms. In the past clients have simply wanted to sit down and talk about their experiences being interviewed and how they can feel more comfortable with the process. Other times participating in mock interviews is a proven and effective method to improve interview performance. By going through this process we can evaluate your overall performance and make recommendations on how to improve. It is also essential that you are familiar with behavioural interviewing questions as these are commonplace nowadays in the interviewing process. We will help you rehearse and practice these questions and give constructive feedback so that you are better prepared for them in the future.

General behaviour when attending an interview is also of the upmost importance. Interviewers can pick up on the smallest cues that you may not think seem important and draw conclusions about you from them. What you are saying in the interview is obviously important, but there is also great importance placed on how you say things. At The Reference Specialists we analyse your communication skills, mannerisms and overall presentation to determine what you are doing well, and what areas can use improvement.

The Interview Coaching session is structured completely at your discretion. Interview coaching starts at $140.

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Group Sessions Available

Know other people that would be interested in interview coaching? Book a group session for a reduced rate.

Structure the session how you want

Conduct a mock interview? Receive general guidance? Brush up on behavioural interviewing questions? It’s completely up to you.

Professional Resume Advice

Want to ensure potential employers are getting the information they need? Let us look at your resume and provide feedback. Resume services start at $30.

Experts In The Field

Interview coaching is provided by human resource professionals with experience and exposure to many different industries throughout Australia.

Coaching For All Different Levels

Whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or are fresh out of high school and seeking your first full time role, we have the coaching for you.

Detailed Report Provided

At the conclusion of the session we will provide you with a detailed report outlining what we have discussed during the coaching session for future reference.

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