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About Us

We are trained Human Resource professionals. The Reference Specialists team consists of Australian degree qualified HR professionals with backgrounds working within recruitment and HR teams in many different industries. We are confident in our knowledge and expertise of the human resource function. Our staff are trained in asking probing questions and are truly committed to ensuring your candidates are thoroughly screened and checked.

Why Reference Check?

Reference checking is a valuable tool for businesses both big and small as hiring the wrong person for the job can have catastrophic effects on a business. Reference checks can sometimes be thought of as time consuming, but think about the time you will have to invest if your new employee is the wrong fit for the role and you have to start the process all over again simply because their references weren’t checked.

No Signup Required!

The Reference Specialists provide a no subscription service. You are not required to sign up or create an account of any sort. Other providers may promise quick pre-employment reference checks but then subject customers to a lengthy signup process and are more interested in signing the business up for their services long term than providing what is required. The Reference Specialists are solely committed to providing quality

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Unbiased reference checks.

We are not an agency. Many agencies have personal investments in ensuring the candidates they identify are hired so they fulfil their obligations. We have no such biases or investments. Provide us with the details of the candidate you are considering and we will conduct an in depth and unbiased reference check and report back to you the results whatever they may be.

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The Reference Specialists understand that you need to get your candidate screened and checked quickly to facilitate the completion of the recruitment process. It is our goal to have the completed reference checks back to you within two working days.